Moving to another city or state is exciting. However, packing for the move can be an overwhelming task. Getting all of your belongings can take several days, no matter how fast you work. Do not wait for your moving date before you start sorting out your things and deciding which ones to put inside your moving boxes.

Here Are 12 Hacks That Will Make Packing For Your Move Super Easy

1. Put all your essentials in an overnight bag.

Include your personal grooming kit and a change of clothes. If you relocated because of a new job, your employer might ask you to report the next day. Your overnight bag is the safest place for your laptop.

2. Place, in a clear plastic box, all the items you will need first when you arrive at your new home.

A clear plastic box will let you see its contents. It will be easy for you to check if you missed something. Put inside the box a few cooking utensils such as a kettle and a pan, a set of eating utensils for each family member, phone chargers, and power strips or extension blocks. You will most likely be too tired to go out to eat when you arrive. At least, this way you can prepare a simple meal for everyone.

3. Use clothing or linen to wrap your breakables instead of bubble wrap.

Your fragile china and other breakables need protection. Some people use bubble wrap, but this can add to your moving costs. To save money and space, wrap them in thick clothing, towels, and linen. The items that you use as wrapping will reduce the number of items that you have to pack.

4. Wrap your glasses and goblets in socks.

Glassware can easily break. You can keep your glasses and goblets by placing them inside thick socks. Doing this will save space and prevent these items from breaking.

5. Indicate on the label of your boxes what room they must be placed in.

Categorize each item according to the room where they must go. The boxes can be placed in the room by the movers. You can unpack them in the room where you can store them right away.

6. Clean the bathroom before your scheduled arrival.

The bathroom will be the first part of the house that you will use. Clean it before your scheduled move. If you live too far from it, hire someone to do the cleaning. You and your family members might want to take a shower to wash away the dust and tiredness after your trip.

7. Keep your drawers intact.

Drawers can be packing boxes themselves. Cover them with a film that clings and grips tightly so that the contents will be kept in place. You do not need to place them in the boxes anymore. You do not have to unpack them as well. All you need to do is to put them in the dresser where they belong.

8. Pack books in beer boxes.

Books are heavy, so it would be best to use a sturdy container. A beer box is strong and has handles. You can get the beer boxes from your nearest liquor outlet for a low price.

9. Vacuum seal your old clothes.

Your old clothes can take up a lot of space. Vacuum seal them so that they are easy to pack. When the package arrives at your new home, you can store them without unpacking them from the container.

10. Keep a list of the number of boxes and their contents.

Spend time to list down everything that you will move and the number of boxes that you have. You will be able to know right away if something has been left in your old house or perhaps, stolen. You will also unpack the important items first, as the rest can wait if you do not need them immediately.

11. Use a cheaper shipping option.

If there are lots of boxes that contain items that you will not need immediately, find a cheaper alternative. You can transport them ahead of your move so that they are waiting for you when you transfer to your new location.

12. Sell items that you do not want to take with you but are too valuable to give away.

Suppose you have lots of valuable items that you do not want to bring with you; sell them on eBay or other online businesses that engage in buy and sell. Aside from reducing the total moving fee, you will earn a little from the sale.

Consider these tips and make your move less stressful and less costly.

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