You’ve finally decided to move. Maybe you’ve heard all the horrifying stories – overcharging, missing furniture, some moving companies holding your belongings hostage unless you pay more. We’ve all been there. The next big question is: who among all the movers near you can you trust? Retaining scratches and dents on your furniture is your worst nightmare. Avoid scam moving companies and hire 5 Stars Movers NYC.

You can count on us for one thing – peace of mind. At 5 Stars Movers, we do things professionally – from packing your things with utmost protection to transporting them carefully to your preferred location. We offer one of NYC’s best moving services – no damages, no lost items, and no additional charges.

We are a team of professional movers and packers who are highly experienced in moving and transporting your things safely to your new space. Rest assured that there will be no hidden charges with our pricing and services. Whether you are looking for office movers or residential movers, we can give you one of NYC’s best moving services. Being in the moving industry for more than ten years means we’ve found every possible expert solution to any moving problem.


Moving CompaniesHate packing? We got you. We offer packing services done professionally by our team of packers. Your items will be carefully packed and sealed to prevent dents and scratches.

Are you looking for the best moving boxes and supplies? Worry no more. Packing your things requires skill, time, and patience. We don’t just pack your things for you; we value your time. Our quality moving boxes and supplies can be delivered right to your home. We sell everything related to packing – from boxes to packing tape, locks, and packing paper. All our moving supplies are available in all sizes. We offer free shipping for shipment within NYC or anywhere in Canada or the USA.


It’s great to know that just moving to a new place or state is a fresh start. But it’s also stressful to know you have to move from one state to another. However, if you know to get the right people to assist you, it’s going to feel like a walk in the park.

Sure, you can save money by renting a truck and moving your things by yourself. But is it worth the stress? Our team of professional long-distance movers with years of experience in the moving industry will make everything easy for you. Doing your move without trained movers can result in damage to your items. With our movers, we guarantee safe transport and storage – from packing to lifting your valuables.   


Do you plan to bring your piano with you as you move to a new apartment, house, or outside the Big Apple? Piano moving is not for everyone. We are professional piano movers who have the proper knowledge and equipment to handle the job. We guarantee full transparency regarding the pricing of our services and offer free quotations to our clients.


Moving just within New York City may seem easy. It is only after packing your valuables that you realize you require professionals who can pack and move them with you. 5 Star Movers is an established team of residential movers that will make the moving process hassle-free. We are here for you. New York City is our home, and we can easily accommodate you with our years of moving experience within different NYC locations.  


Got your rental truck but still need professional help loading and unloading your valuables? Contact us. We offer load-unload moving help for a reasonable cost. Our moving labor crews are efficient and will properly handle your items. We have all the necessary tools and equipment to make sure we deliver quality services to our clients.  


How do you choose a good moving company? Let’s count the ways:

Check the company’s reviews online.

Most professional movers have their websites registered under their company names. Unlike scam movers, they’re visible online. Verify if real clients wrote the reviews on their page. However, it’s not recommended to rely on reviews entirely. You can also start looking for good moving companies by asking your friends, family members, or coworkers. Here at 5 Stars Movers NYC, we are legitimately reviewed by real clients who were satisfied with the quality of our services.

Know its span of work.

A good moving company must be transparent with the kind of services they offer and can perform. If you’re a collector of rare items such as antiques and other art forms, it is highly recommended to make sure your movers have the proper knowledge and equipment to move such valuable items. Movers NYC is one of the trusted piano movers. We offer a free quotation to explain how much the work will cost before hiring us.

Ask about their equipment.

A good moving company is always ready. That is why it is essential to know the company more and make sure it has all the necessary and special tools and moving equipment. With the proper equipment available, the movers are fully prepared if there are any last-minute changes to your move.

5 Stars Movers NYC is one of the best moving companies in New York City. Our other services include commercial and residential moving, self-storage unit rentals, and more. We are here to solve your moving problems and make the whole moving process simple and straightforward.

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