Relocating to another city or state is not only stressful but also costly. Although moving companies can be considered cheap still, you must be careful when hiring their services. Many people have lost their money and belongings after they hired scam movers.

Tips on How To Avoid Fraudulent Moving Contactors

1. Stay away from moving services that do not visit your home to make an estimate.

Legitimate moving companies send a representative to see the number of things you intend to have moved to your new location. Based on what he or she sees, the representative will give a tentative price or quote estimate. If the company does not send someone, how will they be able to calculate the price? Chances are, they will ask you for your money and disappear.

2. Visit the website of the moving company.

Legitimate businesses place their contact information on their homepage. You can see the office’s physical address, email address, and telephone numbers, as well as fax numbers. Do not hire an online moving company if you cannot find these details on their website. They can take your money and your belongings and disappear.

3. Read customers’ reviews of the company.

Another way of knowing if the moving company you are about to hire is reliable is by reading reviews about the company from a third-party viewpoint. Many websites publish customer reviews. Watch out for negative ones. If there are lots of people giving terrible critiques and comments about a company, there is a big chance that you cannot trust it. You can search for the company name in the local business bureau. If you find negative comments toward the company, stay away.

Keep your belongings well-protected from rogue moving companies. Remember these tips above when you need to move to another city or state.