When moving, you may decide that some items are unnecessary and thus, you will not need them as you relocate. There is where the need for NYC storage units come in. Storage units are relatively small temporary compartments rented out to people on a short-term basis to be used for storage purposes. They are especially helpful to people who have a lot of personal items that they do not wish to get rid of either through selling or disposing of. Moving tenants can use storage units for temporary storage while they settle in their new premises. Here are some safety tips to consider when moving and loading a storage unit.

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Things You Need To Consider Before Calling A Moving & Storage Company In NY

Electrical items

If they cannot be taken with everything else during moving labor help, electric items should be kept in their original boxes while they are put away in the storage unit. This should be done with care because electrical items have the potential to cause hazards such as fire. If the original packaging is missing, pick a box that is close to it in size and have all the empty space filled with paper. Properly packing electrical items will eliminate the potential of having a fire breakout and the appliance’s functionality will not be compromised.

Fragile items

Sometimes when moving, transporting fragile items may present a problem that will necessitate the need to store them while you determine a later date to transfer them to your new location. When this happens, ensure that they are packed individually. Having two fragile items in the same packaging box increases their possibility of breaking. Instead, use bubble wrap or paper to store them individually. Alternatively, linen or towels could be used to also wrap them safely.

Clothing items

If clothes cannot be brought along during the moving process, invest in a wardrobe box. It will be helpful for keeping your clothes in pristine condition, and also in avoiding wrinkles. A wardrobe box will be helpful in keeping your clothes in from getting damaged as opposed to using a bag, or any other traditional storage method. Ensure individual clothing items are well folded and arranged to your preference to avoid any inconveniences later.

Large appliances

This includes large machines such as refrigerators and deep freezers that cannot be transported immediately when moving. They should be cleaned thoroughly to remove any traces of food. This will help to avoid an attack, and consequently, damage by vermin. Defrosting should also be done to avoid the possibility of water damage and the growth of mildew. Ensure the storage unit’s doors are strong and secure. If you need to, ensure that you reinforce them to avoid any loss or damage.

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