New York City may not be as big as Los Angeles or the capital like Washington, but it’s one of the most famous cities in the world. It was the gateway for the immigrants to enter the United States, and even today, it still holds its place as the most significant cultural melting pot in the world. Moreover, it’s also the most populated city in the states. The number of people can be disheartening to some, but to others, this is the city where all dreams can come true.

The city itself has five boroughs that could represent different status or general type of people. Manhattan as the most populated one, also on top of people traffic that comes and goes. It’s estimated that over a million people are commuting to Manhattan for work and leisure purposes daily. Of course, it means that New York City movers are high on demand.

New York, New Yorkers

Despite the space that continuously shrinks, people don’t seem to care and keep on moving into the big apple. Now, there’s nothing wrong with that, except that you’d need to hire an excellent company to handle your stuff. Like many other cities with narrow streets like San Francisco and Chicago, the traffic alone in New York can be quite skilled demanding. Driving is difficult there due to the number of people and vehicles. Even a local New Yorker would prefer to hire a moving company to do the work. Driving around New York itself is already tricky, let alone driving a moving truck. That’s why some of them even took a more drastic route by living frugally, so they will only have a couple of boxes when they have to move. 

Time and Money Matters

Another thing you should know is that not all buildings allow a moving truck to be parked in front of them. Some buildings also have strict rules on using the elevator and moving in or out of the furniture. Another problem is that local New York City movers might be more expensive than other similar companies in another state. But you should understand that they priced their service more because it requires the tricky skill of maneuvering around the city. Therefore, you should have some consultations with them before deciding to move, they sure have more experience and could tell you about building regulations that you’d need to know. Anyway, if you’re moving from a dense place to a less packed one, like from Manhattan to Long Island, you might want to rent the truck only.

Another thing you should have known is the exact dates that people choose to move. Somehow, the hot days are those in the last five days and the first two of each month. It’s merely to make it easier on the rent. Anyway, it’s up to your personal preferences. Do you want to move at the same time with other people or not. Of course, you will be up and up with everybody else on booking the truck. Usual traffic jam in NYC is already bad enough, try to picture when there are a dozen of them on the same day.