Your piano means so much to you. When you need it moved, you can’t afford to have it damaged. Many Professional Piano Moving companies may claim to know how to move a piano correctly, but you really need movers you can depend on to get the job done right. With 5 Stars Movers Movers, you can always trust us to move any piano with care and a personal touch that is truly unmatched. We are a premier moving company in New York City and beyond. Every move we are hired for is carefully planned and executed, no matter what style of piano you need to move or how long a distance you need to move it. Our philosophy guides our excellence: We treat every customer as our friends and their piano the same way we treated like our own piano.

A Caring, Unique Piano Moving Approach 

Our principles of 5 Stars Movers guide every piano we move. We truly believe in 5 Stars Movers and that it applies to every aspect of life, including moving pianos. Your piano likely costs thousands of dollars. You’ve spent hours upon hours practicing on it, perhaps with your child or loved one at your side. You cannot put a price on how much your piano means to you. So many memories and amazing songs were experienced in it. We think about the entire time we are moving any piano. We understand how much your piano means to you and we truly put ourselves in your position when it comes to moving it. We will always correctly size, pack, and transport your piano with an outstanding level of care. We would never want anyone to move our own pianos any other way. So why would we treat our customers and their pianos with any less of a level of care? With us, count on your piano arriving at whatever destination you may need on time and in perfect condition. We are going to have significant lengths to make sure your piano is never damaged because we would never want someone damaging ours.

Affordable & Cheap Piano Mover that is Top Notch

When people say they need a piano mover near me, one of the first things they look for is how much does it cost to hire piano movers. For reliable, high quality moving, look no further than us. Our prices as competitive as anyone else’s in the industry. This does not mean we sacrifice quality. Our affordable piano mover cost is low and very affordable, but that does not mean you get low quality. We always provide dependable, reliable services for moving pianos no matter the price. Our 5 Stars Movers philosophy carries over into our pricing. We would never charge a customer an amount that we would not be willing to pay ourselves. If we did, we know it would come back around to us. Call us today so we can discuss your needs for moving a piano. We would like to have a conversation with you about how we can help and provide the service you need at an affordable cost that fits within your budget.

Leave it to the Professional Piano Moving Company

Relocating a piano needs a lot of skill. Something more than moving large furniture likes a sofa or bed. Packing and moving alone can be painful to many, just picture the extra trouble you’ll have when dealing with the piano. That’s why; you shouldn’t hesitate to call a New York City Piano movers company. Let them do all the dirty work, while you’re overlooking their job. They will tell you if it’s possible to take your piano out or installing them in your new place. The problems you have are not about enough space to transport, but also if your building allows a moving truck to be parked nearby for hours, the use of a crane, and many more.

But rest assured, when you have the right company, you shouldn’t worry about your piano at all. It will be on the right hand as they are the professionals who know what they’re doing and sure are experienced in transporting musical instruments like this. Again, it’s nothing for an amateur. In case you’re buying a new piano and want to install it in your apartment, you should do a quick calculation on whether it will fit or not. The piano also has various styles, so you should put that into consideration as well. Anyhow, when in doubt, you better call a pro for the best result.

For more information about piano moving and storage in NYC, you can contact us at 347-758-6794