Services of Piano Moving Companies

Relocating with only a few replaceable items is never a problem. Those who face trouble are those with several items of value. To make matters worse, most items with a hefty price tag on them are usually bulky. This a double tragedy when moving.

You will need extra professional labor as well as top security during your move. Grand pianos fall under the category of frequently sought-to-move bulky and expensive items. Even the smallest pianos will still be too big for just one person to carry. Many piano moving companies have come up with services to help move this precious musical instrument. They have several to choose from for their clients, which are listed below:

Local Moving Services

When relocating to nearby places, your piano will require some rolling and haulage. That’s something many are not able to do on DIY moves. The moving company you opt to hire will avail of their piano moving equipment for a simple, convenient, and safe move. Where extremes are involved, like hoisting the piano down the balcony, they have the right crane for the job. If you don’t have many other items, piano movers can haul the rest of the items for you at an added cost.

Long-Distance Moving Services

When you are relocating to a new world far away, you consider leaving behind most households by selling them. This is to reduce the weight of items carried for a lesser budget. Some items are, however, valuables. Leaving them is next to impossible. Think of the heirloom piano at your home. Everybody knows that’s special only to the family. If you are to relocate, you need these long-distance piano moving services. They will ensure that your piano gets a scratch not and gets to the new home safely.

Piano Crating

Grand pianos are huge and delicate at the same time. Unlike other simple items that you can park on DIY, pianos need a specialist in crating. That’s a bit that you can assign to a piano moving company. They will prepare the piano for relocating by covering it nicely and placing it in a crate. Make sure you select the company with insurance cover. That way, your piano can be replaced in case there is damage to it. This, however, happens only once in a hundred with professional movers.

New Piano Transport

You don’t have to be relocating domestically to hire a piano mover company. If you are a dealer in the piano sales industry, you will definitely need special transport services. When bringing new pianos from the manufacturers to your shop is one situation where this applies. Also, clients will always demand a delivery service to their doorstep for a grand piano. If you have a truck not, piano movers from 5 Stars Movers are your solution. Call (347) 758 6794, and we will deliver the piano to whatever location you instruct us to in no time.