What will affect your piano moving costs?

When moving households, several things are considered as DIY just to lower the price quoted by NYC movers. However, some items demand a professional approach during moving. Even if you wanted to evade the issue of cost, you can only think of how to reduce it now. The money you pay is, however, worthwhile for the job. Moving a piano is one of these tasks. That’s why you need to learn the various elements that will affect the pricing of a piano move. Below are some factors to consider in price quotes.

What is your piano brand?

Pianos are available in many designs and models. Every brand will vary in height, shape, size, and weight among other variables. Piano movers will base their quote on these factors. They have all the reasons to do this. It’s a fair way to go about it. Upright pianos are usually charged less for a move. That’s because they are smaller in size. Somme huge pianos will not even fit on the door. They will have to be dropped down the balcony and that means more money. It’s a matter of how easy it is for the piano movers to relocate your instrument. The more the contingencies, the more you will be charged and the vice versa is also true.

How much labor is used?

The manpower applied throughout a safe piano move will count significantly on the price quote. Several factors will pose challenges to the piano movers in the process of crating and rolling from the house to the truck. Take the example of a house on 10th floors. More people will be required to roll the piano over the many staircases. Most importantly, they will tire more than when the house is on the ground floor. That is worth extra charges. Large pianos will also call for more manpower if no damage is wanted at all. More money will hence be charged.

Moving distance

It goes without saying that the distance to be covered determines how much money is to be paid for a piano move. For local moves, charges are usually lower because fewer fuel costs and time are used by the mover company. With long distances involved, more expenses will have to be accrued by the company. They will also dedicate more time for your case. Expect more charges for that.

Special considerations

Moving a piano is special. Not only does the piano size makes it special but also the functionality bit of the piano. It is known that both temperature and humidity changes will alter the functionality of the piano. Some NYC movers will use special equipment for climate control inside the piano haulage truck. That will cost more if it is used. It’s wise to use these special features instead of regretting piano malfunctions later on. Call us at (347) 758 6794 for piano moving services in NYC.

One other factor affecting the price is the presence of an insurance cover.