The thought of office relocation can be a daunting endeavor, from the hurdles you will experience while packing all the delicate equipment to verifying that they get to the new location in one piece can be demanding to take into account that the loss of any requisite document can correspond to the monumental setback. That should not be something to fret about as there is a great deal of office moving master plans that can guarantee the procedure to be trouble-free. The objective of this write-up is to offer some tips in order to make the process less frenzied.

1. Plan Your Office Relocation

When you decide to relocate your office, you need to take your time and plan everything superbly. The equipment will need to be moved, and this can be a dangerous endeavor as anything can transpire while the equipment is being packed or moved. Proper planning should be done to ensure your equipment does not get damaged in the process or even get lost. The moving process needs to be scheduled early enough and this should start as early as six months in advance. Some moving companies might also require up to two and a half years for them to plan the move perfectly. So consider all the factors involved and avoid rushing the moving process.

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2. Logistics

Office move involves intricate scheduling and proper delegation of work, with numerous commercial moving organizations offering these services, finding the right office moving company made the smooth operation of these kinds of tasks to people who need them. However, never forget to check in with your new business premises on the amount of time they will allocate you to offload your equipment from their parking, the need to reserve some elevators you might use, among others. This will avert any issues that might arise during that day. It will also be wise to visit the new premises and have a word with the manager to assess the building’s general condition.

3. Hire

The task of moving office equipment is tough, and the fact that the office apparatus have cost you tons of cash to acquire, you will unequivocally want the people handling your equipment to be eligible. Always seek for a moving company that has well-trained personnel in order for the move to be impeccably made, as experienced personnel possesses the skills needed to operate the tools they have e.g., power tools, safety kits and trolleys to move things around at the worksite or in case of any injuries. 

4. Insurance

Moving companies that are associate in office moves need to have insurance. Request the company to show your certificate that proves they are insured as this will give you the required security and protection of your office property if they are damaged and you need reimbursement. Any diffidence to provide the certificate is a clear sign of a company that has no insurance and experience in moving and should be avoided at all costs.

5. Inform employees

Once you have decided to move, it is always good to keep your employees in the loop as early as possible. Involving them can work in your favor as they might offer to assist in planning the move or even refer you to an excellent commercial moving company.

With the boom in office moving company business, a considerable number of people have jumped into the venture and are out looking to make quick cash from clients. This can make it very difficult to single out the most qualified company to do the job for you. Use this opportunity to request your employees to give names of some reputable moving company to handle the task. Once you have identified one, request them to present you with at least four reference job proof they have dealt with recently that is almost identical to the current task you are giving them. From this, you can deduce whether the company you are about to deal with has what it takes to handle the assignment successfully without any glitches. Remember to verify the state laws about the required time you need to provide a move notice to your employees.

6. Cost

The instant you have certified that the mover can handle the task successfully, you can now start off focusing on your office’s new physical address and comprehensive cost. Discern which materials need to be printed out i.e., stationery, envelopes, business cards, flyers or creating announcements via other media platforms like television or radio concerning the move. These materials should imperatively have all the correct details that entail your new business locale. This information will be worthwhile for you in figuring out how much it will cost you in the long run.

7. Move manager

To all intents and purposes, the decision to hire a move manager can save you inessential mishap. The move manager will be responsible for coordinating all the moving activities on the ground like ensuring all the data cables are in good condition and working well before the IT team begins the installation of office equipment, constant communication on when and what furniture needs to be delivered in relation to the office floor plan, where certain work credentials like business permit certificates and other valuable artwork need to be placed. With the guidance of a move manager, you will be sure that the move process will be handled perfectly minimizing the stress that comes with moving and averting any mistakes that might occur during the process. Another scenario where move managers come in handy is during the actual moving day, ensuring that two are present at the time of the activity will be ideal. One should be at the new site and another at the previous office.

8. Inventory

Ensure that all the necessary departmental inventory work for equipment to be moved is done by the people in charge of various departments. This allows you to know what needs to be done and the amount of help you might need from your moving company. Also, in the last week of moving out, give your employees ample time to pack all the personal items still present at their work stations. Do not forget to assign someone the task of moving office plants to the new location as office movers tend not to handle such tasks. It is also vital to inquire if the AC will be turned off while you are moving especially if the activity will be done over the weekend as some building will have their air conditioning turned off over the weekend and this can make the moving process a bit difficult once the day gets hot.

Office moving is an immense task that most businesses will have to deal with once in a while as the business grows and more office space is required. And with the conveniences that commercial movers offer, finding the right office moving company did easy work for people who seek these services to move their equipment comfortably. We all know the tedious work that comes with office moves, and without a hitch, this can be an uphill task to anyone; but that should not disincentivize you. This write-up has shed some light on what you need to do in order to make the relocation process less time consuming, on budget and unquestionably give you peace of mind.