Manhattan, NY is packed with bars, restaurants, landmarks, and activities that makes it a wonderful place to spend a vacation or long weekend, along with Manhattan movers. However, this is also what makes it almost impossible to decide where to go first. It’s not every day that you get to visit the heart of New York City. So here is a list of the things you can do in Manhattan to help you make the most of your vacation. 

Get A Detox At Russian & Turkish Baths

It’s always a good time to go for a detox. Instead of heading to Instagram-worthy spas and salons, we suggest you go for the old-fashioned Russian & Turkish Baths. 

This place has been around since 1892 and can be found at East 10th Street. Just like most spas, Russian & Turkish Baths also boasts several saunas and steam rooms. Beyond that, however, there are also traditional treatments available such as platza and seaweed salt scrubs. On top of that, there’s also a rooftop deck and juice bar.

Learn To Cook Pasta At Aunt Jake’s

If you want to have a taste of some modern pasta, Aunt Jake’s is the place to go. Aunt Jake’s is owned by Chef Carmine Di Giovanni who is Italian-American Staten Islander. Dining at Aunt Jake’s is such a fun experience because you will get to mix and match sauces and pastas. Beyond that, the owner himself also hosts a pasta making workshop at the second floor of the Aunt Jake’s building. 

Grab A Hajji’s Sandwich

If you really want to experience the New York culture, the best place to go would be Hajj’s. It’s home to Harlem-born chopped cheese sandwich which holds a special place in the hearts of every New York citizen. It’s a bodega sandwich flavored with ground beef, onion, melted cheese, fixings, and pepper.

Take A Quick Bite At Underwest Donuts

It’s not easy to track down the Underwest Donuts but it’s one of the unexpected places in Manhattan that you need to visit. Underwest Donuts is a donut purveyor hiding inside the Westside Highway Car Wash. There’s a small space adjacent to the cleaning operation where you’ll find Underwest Donuts. 

This donut shop is owned by Scott Levine, who is also the one who acts as the baker. The shop boasts incredible flavors such as lavender-vanilla, halva, and maple waffle. 

Get A Taste Of New York Pizza

Even though pizza didn’t necessarily originate in New York, we can’t deny that the place has a certain ring when it comes to it. There are many pizza shops to try. Our advice is to get a taste of three or more pizzas. Learn the difference between Bleecker Street, Joe’s, and Prince Street. 

Check Out The Museums

We’ve all heard about bar hopping but in Manhattan the trend is all about museum hopping. You have a thing for museums and historical artifacts, you will surely love Fifth Avenue since it is packed with tour-worthy institutions that are all lined up in one street. Fifth Avenue has a 28-block span where all nine establishments are packed up. It’s the perfect place for explorers and culture seekers. 

Do Some Exploration At The Grand Central Station

If you’re more of an on-looker type, you’ll surely love all the architectural attractions you will see at the Grand Central Station. There’s the zodiac mural, the whispering gallery, the Grand Central Oyster bar, and TheCampbell which is a hidden bar that had just opened.