How to Move a Pool Table: A Step-by-Step Guide for New York Residents

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Many local movers consider a house to be incomplete without a pool table. Pool tables provide hours of entertainment and are often the center of attention in a room. However, moving a table can turn any excitement into anxiety.

The process of moving pool tables is a complex and expensive one. Before moving, you will need a plan. 

Let's look at ways to make the process as easy as possible.

Moving Your Pool Table: Pros and Cons

You can move a pool table without a local movers help. Many people prefer to move their pool tables themselves because they can save money on hiring movers. Consider why you want to hire professionals before tearing into your pool table with a screwdriver.

On average, pool tables weigh 700 pounds. Some pool tables weigh over 1,000 pounds. Some pieces of a pool table are as long as 9 feet. Moving a pool table yourself requires you to move many heavy and humongous pieces.

Take into account the time and effort involved in removing it. Pool tables are too heavy to be moved as a whole. To move a pool table, it is necessary to break it into manageable pieces. Pool tables are complex structures made up of many delicate parts. You can break your back and the table if you lack the knowledge to disassemble it.

How to Move a Pool Table

Consider these tips when moving a pool table:

1. Hire Professional Pool Table Moving Services in NYC

Pool table local movers who are dedicated to the job streamline the process. They have an in-depth understanding of all the complexities involved in the moving process. The cost of employing professional pool table movers is well worth it, as you will save yourself both physical and emotional stress. Also, consider hiring professional pool table moving services. They have the expertise and equipment to ensure a smooth transition, making your move stress-free whether you rent a Uhaul or an Enterprise truck.

2. Get the Correct Tools and Crew

You can find a local team of pool table movers by searching “pool table movers near me” in your preferred search engine. They will help you transport your table to your new house. You should hire professional local movers to help with this project. However, it may not be possible due to budget or moving deadlines.

You will need to be prepared. Gather the tools you need to disassemble your furniture, such as a screwdriver set and socket wrench. Also, gather bubble wrap, moving blankets, and many bubbles.

Each pool table part can weigh more than 100 pounds. Therefore, you should have multiple people handle each one. Ideally, you want to have friends or family who are strong and capable enough to lift the heavy parts. Comfortable clothes and shoes with traction are essential on a moving day.

3. Disassemble the Pool Table With The Help Of Local Movers

Both professionals and amateurs follow the same steps to move a pool table. Remove the ball pockets, side rails, and bumpers. The felt covering is then removed from the table. This can be a delicate process that ends in tears. Prepare yourself for needing to replace the felt cover after moving.

The next step is to unscrew the slates. These pieces, designed to fit into the table but fragile when removed, can be damaged. Cracks are prevalent. A slate that breaks will need to be replaced.

The legs of the table should be separated from the main body. After the deconstruction is complete, it's time to pack the pool table into the moving truck. Wrap the table pieces in bubble wrap and moving blankets. Due to their weight and the risk of breaking, you should take extra care when handling slates.

4. Reassembling the Pool Table

Reassembling a pool table is no different. It is difficult to disassemble and move a table. Professionals can help you at each step. This is especially true regarding the difficult task of smoothness of the felt on the tabletop.

You can reassemble the table in reverse order if you are doing it yourself. Each piece will fit into the correct place, just like a puzzle. Because of its weight, you will need to assemble the table with a group of family or friends.

The owner's guide will provide detailed instructions on disassembling and reassembling your pool table.

Final Thoughts

These considerations can help you decide on whether to DIY or not. It's not easy to move a pool table, and it's okay to admit that you don't have the time or expertise to do it. Hiring a professional moving company like 5 Stars Movers can quickly move your pool table. Our local movers can handle any move, big or small, requiring special equipment and attention. This includes moving a pool table. Knowing that we will take the difficult work of transporting your pool table securely and without stress allows you to relax.

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