Moving a Hot Tub: A Quick Guide for New Yorkers

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Hot tubs provide a soothing and relaxing experience to movers in NYC, but moving a hot tub into a new house is another matter. This is anything but relaxing. Hot tubs are not only awkwardly shaped but also heavy. This makes it difficult to move.

Moving a hot tub is easier than you think if you do some preparation work beforehand.

The Pros and Cons of Moving Your Hot Tub by Yourself

Moving a hot tub yourself will save you money on movers. DIY is a good option for movers in NYC who are on a tight budget. Some people may have a moving deadline that prevents them from hiring an expert team. There are some disadvantages to moving your hot tub yourself.

Empty hot tubs can weigh up to 500 pounds. When filled, they can reach up to 1000 pounds. Hot tubs are also known for their bulky shape. Due to their awkward size, finding the right route for the truck rental is difficult.

Movers in NYC

How to Move a Hot Tub in New York

Here are some things to consider when moving your hot tub.

1. Hire a Team of Professional Movers in NYC

.It is possible to move to a hot tub by yourself. However, this task may not be worth adding stress to an already stressful move. This burden is lifted off of your shoulders by hiring hot tub movers in NYC. You can devote your time and energy to other pressing issues during your move.

2. Rent Equipment

A quick search for “hot tub movers” will lead you to hundreds of choices in your locality. You can move your hot tub by yourself with the right tools. The best way to move your hot tub is with dedicated hot tub moving equipment. Whether you hire a professional team or rely on your friends, a hot tub dolly is essential. A hot tub dolly is necessary for moving heavy objects.

Both hardware stores and moving companies offer hot tub equipment rental. Or if you're doing the DIY approach, you can rent a moving truck from U-haul or Enterprise Rental. Contact them to see what they have available.

3. Prepare and Move the Hot Tub

Drain the Jacuzzi

Drain the hot tub for at least 24 hours before moving. Start by unplugging the hot tub. If the cord comes off, keep it far from the plug. Disconnect any attached plumbing. The next step is to find the drain valve on your hot tub, unscrew it, and connect a garden hose at one end. Open the valve to allow the hot tub's water to drain through the garden hose. Dry any water in the hot tub with a towel or cloth after draining it.

Double-check the hot tub cover on the day of your move. You don't want that extra weight to be a problem!

4. Transport the Hot Tub in Your Vehicle

Do not try to move a hot tub on your own. They are heavy, even without water. You will need enough people to lift each side of the hot tub. Three other people should at least be present. Wear slip-resistant footwear and take precautions to prevent accidents.

Slide plywood sheets under the hot tub before moving it. This creates a smooth surface for rolling the hot tub onto the dolly.

Once your crew is ready to move, lift the hot tub so the dolly can slide underneath it and transport it into the truck. Secure any straps attached to the hot tub to prevent slipping, then move them to your vehicle.

When your hot tub is inside the truck, secure it to the floor. This will prevent it from shifting when you move. You'll thank yourself when you unload the hot tub if the dolly still has the hot tub.

5. Unload the Hot Tub and Reassemble It

Remove the straps that hold your hot tub after you arrive at your new home. The same crew can help you move the hot tub from the truck. Plan your route to avoid any unforeseen complications. Prioritize safety over all else.

Remember those plywood sheets you used earlier? Place the plywood sheets where you plan to put the hot tub. When you remove it from the hot tub, you will have a raised surface to transport the hot tub. Move the hot tub onto the plywood, starting at the corners. Remove the plywood underneath the hot tub once you are happy with the position.

It's time to move your hot tub to its new location:

  • Clean it again.
  • Connect the pipes.
  • Plug it into power.
  • Fill it up.
  • Enjoy a relaxing soak.


These considerations can help movers in NYC decide whether to DIY or not. It's not easy to move a hot tub, and admitting you don't have the time or expertise to do it is okay. You can move your hot tub with just one simple step by hiring a professional moving company like 5 Stars Movers. They can handle any big or small move requiring special equipment and attention. This includes moving a hot tub. You feel at ease knowing they will take the complicated and extensive moving process securely and without worry.

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