Tipping Guide For Moving

Moving to a new space can get stressful. It is not uncommon for people who move frequently to have questions about whether or not they should hire movers. When they do decide to trust the professionals with their belongings, there are even more decisions to make on moving day, like deciding how much of an additional tip to give. You wouldn't want these hard-working individuals to feel unappreciated. That may make it less likely for them to come back if needed in the future, so tipping them well will help show gratitude and respect for what goes into this job.

What Is the Purpose of Tipping Movers?

Firstly, it's not obliged, but if you want to show them how much they helped you and make their day a little bit better with some extra cash, go for it. A tip will be greatly appreciated by the hardworking movers who are lugging all of your heavy belongings around in this hot weather.

Things to Consider

Before we go ahead and discuss how much we advise tipping your moving crew, below we mention a few considerations to be wary of when you decide to give a gift of gratitude for their service:

You can ask yourself these: Are the crew members professional? Do they show you respect from start to finish, or do some of them act like jerks when it's not necessary? This will let you know whether that company is worth their salt!

Additionally, it would help a lot to know how complicated your relocation may be beforehand. For example, if this is a move that is considered long-distance, will it take more than 2 days of work time and entail multiple flights of stairs? More importantly, are the things that need moving mostly heavy boxes? Is there an excessive number of steps to get through before loading or after unloading anything onto or off of their truck?

You need to think about how much you can afford before deciding on the tipping amount because it's not always easy. Check if there are packing services included in your final move costs. If so, that is definitely something to consider when coming up with your tips.

What is the Tip You Give Movers?

Tipping movers in the range of $4-5 per hour is a good rule of thumb. When you're trying to figure out how much of a tip is appropriate, it's best to consider the complexity and difficulty involved. If your move involves stairs or oversized items like pianos for example, then I would recommend adding an extra percentage point on top of what might be typically expected to compensate those who are doing more difficult work.


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