Local Movers in New York: What to Know and How to Use Them

Local Movers: What Are They?

Long-distance moves are often more costly and slower than local moves. How you approach your move, however, can make all the difference. A move is considered local if it's within a radius of 50 miles. In contrast, it is viewed as a long-distance move outside that radius.

Rates are determined by either the hourly rate or the mileage. In most cases, they are only willing to work with you for one day at a time, then maybe another day after that. The cost of help on two separate days will be double. Flat-rate companies are also more affordable because they don't consider how far your belongings travel.

Local Moving Companies: Why Should You Hire Them?


Competing in the local market means having a competitive price. Rather than having the lowest price, a competitive price in line with the services list is more important. As a way of reducing costs as much as possible, you should have a local moving company provide you with a highly competitive quote for your specific move. Also, local moving companies tend to be more upfront with their pricing so that you won't face any surprises during your move.

Knowledge of the New York Area

The local movers in New York will know the area, the one-way streets, and the parking regulations, so they will be able to get you to your home smoothly and efficiently without the need for directions.

Additionally, they will be able to let you know what type of climate is ideal for your move. In the event of hot weather, the moving company will need to know in advance to prepare for the heat, or in the case of a very humid climate, they will need to bring more packing supplies. You may need to provide the movers with additional packing materials if the environment in your area is wet.

Ease of Contact

You can easily change your moving schedule if your local mover has an office nearby. You can ask questions and change schedules if necessary.


Finding a moving company near you is easy with reviews and recommendations. Maybe you don't know about their reputation yet, but they probably can tell you if you ask someone close to you. Reputation matters a lot in a small town. Local movers tend to make a great deal of effort to maintain good reputations.

Online reviews may be beneficial, but it is best to trust what friends, family, and others have already said rather than what others wrote.

Local Knowledge

Moving companies in your area provide excellent service and offer flexibility to meet all your needs. Every person's needs are different. One person may want to participate in the move, whereas another might not.

If you are planning to move, a local moving company will offer both services and may even provide packing services to keep your possessions safe while they are in transit.

Make sure your moving company knows about all of your moving requirements, including any challenges they could come across due to tight spaces, stairs, or access. For your move to run smoothly, your moving company needs to do this.

Property Visits

A local moving company can meet with you more than once to discuss your needs and provide helpful advice regarding your relocation. It would help if you had the movers visit to assess the logistics of your move, know what you are moving, and find out whether storage solutions or special equipment are needed.

They won't be surprised by any delays due to access issues on the day of your move. An experienced moving company is worth the investment. Moving on your own can be challenging, but it may save you money, but it may be impossible to get large furniture through a doorway, and watching professionals accomplish the task may make you think you can too.

Therefore, if you are considering moving, make sure you double-check again and again to make sure you are sure you want it. You would never want to get stuck. You'll be covered by a well-known and trustworthy company if anything happens to your items.

When your moving company is transporting valuable items, you must protect them. It does not matter how small your moving space is. Moving companies will pack their trucks to prevent damage to your goods during transit.

Selecting a Reliable Local Moving Company

A) Obtain Referrals

The process of searching through the phone book or the Internet for moving companies can be difficult. Seek recommendations from friends, family, and colleagues for a moving company. If you are working with an agent, they can refer you to another agent. 

B) Use the Rule of Three

You should get three or more estimates instead of taking the first one you receive. It would also be good to get in-person estimates from three different contractors since no one can give you a detailed quote without seeing your stuff.

C) Keep an Eye Out for Red Flags

Red flags should be kept an eye out for when getting estimates. Getting a cash deposit from a reputable moving company, for example, is not required before moving. A mover who wants upfront payment might be a scam. It would be best to consider whether the movers appear professional or unprofessional during your estimate. If a company does not arrive on time, doesn't seem to know what they are doing, or cannot answer your questions, you should find another company. Watch out for anyone showing up with a rented moving truck. Well-established companies usually possess their gear.

D) Verify Their Licensing & Insurance

Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration of the United States Transportation Department issues companies with DOT numbers. Especially if you're moving out of state, ensure the moving company has a valid license by visiting the FMCSA's protectyourmove.gov website and requesting its DOT number, which you'll need to file a claim against it. Contact the consumer affairs agency if you intend to remain in the state. There is a list of local agencies in the FMCSA's contacts database.

E) The Better Business Bureau Can Provide You With Information

The BBB records of a moving company can be checked online free of charge. A reputable moving company or one accredited with the BBB is always the best choice. If possible, hire a moving company that is BBB-registered.

F) Find Out About Professional Accreditation

Members of trade associations are vetted before membership is granted. A good moving company should carry the IAMSA ProMover logo. 

G) Confirm the Address

Get a copy of the mover's business card or look up the moving company's address in the phone book or online. A moving company's registered address should appear under its company name. Residential addresses should not occur under company names.

How to Choose a Mover That Fits Your Budget

  • How much does my quote include?
  • Do the prices include a guarantee?
  • How does the estimate process work?
  • And how can a shipment's weight be determined?
  • Do special items cost more to pack?
  • Does where I live affect the cost?

Having selected your shortlist of companies based on your requirements and their trustworthiness, it is essential to factor in the costing. Request a quote from these moving companies and negotiate with them. Decide which one fits your budget best.

Local Moving Services: What to Expect

Visual Inspection of Your Home

From the moment you hire a full-service mover, the first thing you should expect is an accurate estimate based on a visual inspection of your home. The moving experts will inspect everything you own during your on-site visit and determine if there will be any risk or complications. This can range from narrow corridors or stairs to a lack of working elevators.

The only way to estimate your moving expenses accurately is to conduct an in-home survey. Generally, it would be best if you avoided professional moving companies that don't offer you a personal estimate and instead offer you one over the phone or online. A reputable full-service moving company will then provide you with a moving cost estimate reflecting your final moving cost. Whenever possible, obtain a binding estimate.


Using a professional moving company in New York for only transporting your items to your new home can save you a lot of money. You may, however, not be able to pack and protect your things for the road trip due to insufficient time (moving takes a long time) or the presence of items that require special packaging care that you are unfamiliar with.

Have you ever disassembled and packed your grandfather clock in your own home to move? A full-service moving company is your best option when you cannot pack most of your things yourself. Furthermore, the moving company that packs for you will have quality packing materials and know how to pack each item to maximize protection. Full-service moving companies provide more than just packing solutions; they also provide custom wooden crating, protecting delicate items within customized wooden containers.

Furniture Assembly and Disassembly

Full-service movers pack and move all kinds of furnishings, from chairs that are small and easy to move to large and heavy items such as beds, dressers, desks, china cabinets, etc. Should you decide to move large furniture pieces, the full-service moving company you've hired can also disassemble and pack them safely. Within a few days of delivery, the experienced professionals will assemble your furniture according to your instructions regarding how it will be situated in your new house, in specific rooms and specific positions inside those rooms.

Choosing a moving company is not an easy task, consider your circumstances first. You may want to hire a moving company that offers all-inclusive moves if you are moving large and heavy furniture pieces. Depending on the weight of your shipment, you may be able to save money by leaving some furniture behind and purchasing new ones after you move.


With a full-service local mover, you don't need to lift a finger to move the boxes, protecting furniture and contents of the boxes to your new location with a full-service mover. Your household items will be loaded onto a moving truck, secured, and transported, unloaded from the moving truck, and transported into your new home. Your items may arrive on the same day if you move locally. Moving contracts specify when your goods will come after a long-distance move.


Moving companies often provide storage services as well. A storage service can help you store items until your new home is ready to receive your belongings. In this case, you can expect to pay for storage time at the mover's facility. It will cost you based on how long you keep your items, so you will save money if you get them back sooner rather than later. In case of disagreement or dispute, your possessions may be stored by the full-service moving company. When this occurs, you and your mover will benefit from resolving the issue as soon as possible.

What Are the Benefits of Local Movers?

A full-service moving company will handle all the details of your move for you, so you won't have to lift a finger.

When you hire local full-service movers, you can transfer the stress of moving house to them, making the process as stress-free as possible. It is also a bonus to hire complete moving services, as you will gain a lot of time, which you can use to say goodbye to your family and friends.

The moving companies that provide full-service relocation offer their clients all kinds of moving services. Complete moving services are more expensive. Still, if you're worried you won't have enough time to handle everything yourself, it's often better to let a moving company handle the job for you.

Choose a mover who provides a comprehensive package of services if you want to make the most of your next move.

  • You are making moving less stressful. After you're sure that professionals will handle the most challenging aspects of the move, you can return to a state of calm.
  • Security. A professional moving company will carry insurance in case of damage or accident. Furthermore, it will protect your home from any damage by the pros arriving at your house with the right tools and knowledge.
  • They'll have more time to work on your home. You can do other important tasks while the moving company is on the job.

If you are considering hiring movers in New York, there are many things to keep in mind. These tips will help ensure your move goes smoothly and without any surprises. For more information on everything related to moving, make sure you check out our blog for a wide range of topics

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