Packing a Mattress for Moving: Everything You Need To Know

You won't have to research the best packing method for many items in your house. It may seem that buying a bunch of boxes will be your first step in preparing for the packing process, but some items will not fit into your moving boxes, like mattresses, for example. Some may require special handling to ensure their safety and security during transit, so you may consider hiring a moving company in NYC

Read on to learn what you must do to ensure your mattress will make it to your new home.

How To Pack a Mattress for Moving

You can follow these steps to pack a mattress when moving.

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Prepare for Mattress Moving

Use the buddy system: Your mattress will likely be much heavier than your linens or pillows. The weight of the mattress can vary between 45 and 100 lbs, depending on its size. Moving can also be complicated, even when you slide it across the floor. It will require two people to help you load and unload it from a car.

However, consider hiring a moving company in NYC if you have larger pieces of furniture, like a full-size mattress, that require multiple people to move safely and efficiently. Using a moving company in NYC can take the weight off your shoulders and free you up to focus on other aspects of your move.

Check your vehicle: Knowing how you can move your car is essential. You may find it tempting to use bungee cords to strap the mattress to the hood. It may be better to think twice before doing this. This could damage your vehicle and mattress (if there is not enough protection between them and the weather). Transporting it in a closed area, like a moving truck or van, is best. This will ensure your safety and that your mattress lasts as long as possible. You can always enlist the services of companies like U-haul or Enterprise Truck Rental to help you move your mattress to your new place.

Gather your supplies: You'll also want to gather your supplies to ensure your mattress stays in great shape while you move. Included in this are:

  • Plastic bags, often available at moving truck rental locations or hardware stores, can cover an entire mattress.
  • Use nylon rope or ratchets to secure the mattress in the moving van or truck.
  • Use a hand cart or dolly to load and move the mattress quickly.
  • Use tape to seal mattress bags.
  • The blade retracts to allow you to open the mattress bag with no damage being done to the mattress.
  • Cardboard can stabilize the mattress and make it less prone to flop.
  • Bed disassembly tool kit
  • Plastic storage bags that lock to keep the bolts and nuts of the bed together so you can reassemble it again

Loading and Packing the Mattress in a Van or Truck

Place the mattress into the mattress bag: You'll need some help from your moving friends. Use your packing tape once the mattress has been placed inside the bag to seal the opening.

Clear a moving pathway: It is essential to clear a path before lifting the mattress. Because of its size, it can be challenging to maneuver around tight spaces and obstacles. Before lifting the mattress, you should clear a path to minimize the chance of hitting walls, furniture, valuables, or other items that may snag it.

Put the mattress on a hand truck or dolly: Turn the corners up with your friends so it is not flat. (Like you would be lying on it). You can strap cardboard flattened on each side of the mattress to make it less floppy. You can then tip the cart up and start turning the wheels on the path toward your vehicle.

Load the mattress into the cargo area: You can now lift it from the hand truck or dolly and place it in the cargo area. You'll want to know the type of mattress that you have before you load it in your van or truck. You can either load a box spring or coiled mattress on its side or lay it flat and place it on top of another item (but without putting anything on top). You can only lay a flat foam bed with no other items. Your foam mattress should not be folded or bent. Secure the mattress with ratchet or rope tie-downs.

Drive carefully: Items in your cargo area, such as mattresses and other goods in your truck or van, may move while driving. No matter who drives, steady and smooth braking is essential to keeping your items secure. You can make necessary adjustments by checking on your things regularly.

After Transporting Your Mattress to Its Final Location

Remove the mattress from the bag: The bag was only there to protect it during transport. Once you have brought the mattress to the area where you will be installing it, you can remove it from the bag.

Air out/disinfect your mattress: This will depend on your preference, but removing the mattress from the bag gives it time to dry without any linens. You can also spray a mild disinfectant and wait until it dries.

Set up your bed: While waiting for your mattress or bed to air out or dry, grab your toolkit and the pieces of your bed you previously disassembled and begin putting them together. When your mattress has dried, you can place it on your bed and arrange your bedding as you wish.

Get a Helping Hand From a Moving Company in NYC

There's some good news if reading these steps made you feel overwhelmed or the idea of moving through a home with a large, wobbly furniture piece gave you pause. Professional moving company in NYC, like 5 Stars Movers, can handle this (and other moving-related tasks) for you. They can assist if you need help moving a single item like a bed or mattress.

After the move, professional movers can reassemble furniture (e.g., After the move, professional movers can even reassemble furniture). One phone call can help you to move without stress, regardless of the size of your relocation.

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