Self-storage Vs. Storage Pick-up Service: What You Need to Know

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You've probably researched storage solutions if you have been cleaning out your home or need to store your items for a certain period. Knowing what you get from your rented self-storage unit and the on-demand storage service is important, and moving companies in NYC will explain why their services will suit your needs.

Continue reading to learn more about these storage options. You will also discover what part of the process you must be involved in and what tasks professionals like moving companies in NYC can take off your shoulders.

The Self-Storage Unit Option

It's a good option for those requiring regular item access. The total number of items that must be stored should also be small. This option places the burden of managing storage logistics on you, the customer. Organize the packing, moving, and unpacking of your items to the storage unit.

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What are the typical expectations of you?

  • Decide what size unit you require in advance.
  • Making plans to reserve a unit of storage ahead of the move date. (Note: It's a good idea to plan, as some facilities have long wait times because they are overcrowded).
  • Coordinating the pick-up and delivery of your goods to your unit, regardless of whether you rent/use your vehicle or work with a moving service.
  • Securing your belongings and packing them up
  • Making an inventory of all your items
  • Loading and organizing your storage unit yourself or hire movers to do it for you
  • Locking your unit (sometimes by purchasing a lock).
  • Purchasing insurance coverage or confirm you already have it
  • Tipping any movers who help you with your storage unit

What self-storage facilities often offer:

  • Storage units in different sizes
  • Access to your items at any time (typically during business hours, but some offer 24/7 accessibility)
  • Insurance coverage (will vary and often come at an extra cost).
  • Security features (may vary depending on the facility)
  • Packing supplies for sale
  • Climate control (varies; additional costs may apply)

The On-Demand Storage Option with Pick-up and Drop-off Service

On-demand storage is a service that handles the entire process, including pick-ups, drop-offs, and storage. On-Demand storage is convenient, especially for those who don't want to deal with the details themselves, live in large cities, do not have a car, or need to check their schedules regularly.

What are the typical expectations of you:

  • Determining the items that should be stored
  • Packing and securing your items if you use additional services. They can also pack smaller items for your convenience.
  • Hiring moving companies in NYC or storage company offering On Demand Storage to pick up your items or drop them off at their storage facility. 

What Moving companies in NYC On-Demand Storage has to offer:

  • The entire process of storage management and logistics. Storage, packing, and moving of your items.
  • Storage move fee includes packing and wrapping large furniture.
  • Pick-up/delivery and storage of goods can be combined into one process.
  • Storage is based on the total volume of goods, not the space within a unit. This is a more affordable and cost-effective storage solution.
  • Store your goods in a monitored and secure storage facility.
  • Inventories of your possessions
  • If requested, they can provide packing supplies and help with the packaging.
  • Insurance coverage for your items at a basic level and the option of purchasing additional insurance.

Aspects to Consider When Choosing Moving Companies in NYC With Storage Option

When deciding which storage option will best suit your needs and fit your budget, you may want to ask yourself these questions:

  • How often will I need to use the items that I store?
  • How long will I have to store my items? What if I have to return some items before others?
  • What is the total volume of my storage?
  • Do I have to store my items in a specific location?
  • How secure is the facility that stores my goods?
  • Do I require a climate-controlled facility to maintain my possessions?
  • What insurance types are included with the storage service?
  • Do I need help to move my belongings into and out of storage?
  • What is my monthly budget for storage? Does it include the cost of getting my items into and out of the facility and any fees or deposits?

You can create a list of amenities for your storage requirements by determining your answers. You can then research which storage facilities and services offer what you need. You should always get several quotes before you make a final decision. Get moving estimates from Allied Van Lines and North American Van Lines in order to get a general idea about your moving expenses.

Final Thoughts

When selecting a storage option, there are many factors to consider. For individuals looking for a dependable and fully insured service to transport and store their possessions, moving companies in NYC, like 5 Stars Movers, are available to help. After estimating the total volume of items, arrangements can be made for a pick-up date and time. 

Customers can also opt for packing services to ensure items remain secure while in storage. These items will then be kept safe in a secure storage facility until ready for delivery. Take the stress out of storage and let the experts handle the process.

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