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It is quite exciting and scary when moving from one place to another. It is exciting because you get to explore a new site that may have never been to. A chance to start a new chapter in your life in a brand-new city. It can also be scary especially if you are going to move far from your loved ones. Another scary experience when you move to another state? When you have an unreliable moving company move your personal effects. Well, before that happens, we recommend that you get in touch with us, 5 Stars. We are a dependable and trustworthy East Village mover and moving company. We are one of the best professional west village movers who offers a wide variety of moving services, packing services that will give you a smooth moving process. With us, you are placing your hands in one of the best west village movers in the area. 

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5 Stars is an East Village local moving company that you can rely on. We are systematic and organized when it comes to relocating. Before we start, we make sure that we have already discussed with our clients on how and what they want to be packed first. At the same time, we segregate which items are essential and needs to be loaded first in our moving truck. A few days before the move, clients can give us a call to allow us to conduct a site visit and inspect the items that need to be moved. Our team will then provide an estimate so that you’ll have an idea on how much it would cost to move your items.

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In packing and moves, clients are always worried about their personal effects. Since some of the items being moved have a sentimental value, they would not want it to be damaged or worse, lost. With 5 Stars, we can guarantee that all the items that our East Village packers transports are all handled with care. You don’t have anything to worry about! Our team is well-trained to pack, move and unpack items. In case you have special requests, just let one of the movers know so that we can make sure that it gets attended to and communicated to everyone in the team. Long distance moves are not an issue as long as you let our East Village packing service help you out.

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We have been providing the East Village moving help that people have been depending on for many years and we will continue to do so. Our manpower is exceptionally trained and we come second to none when it comes to East Village moving labor. We commit that our rates are competitive and affordable. In case you are on a tight budget, we can sit down and advise you of alternative payment options that our company offers. Our primary objective in 5 Stars is to ensure that our clients will have a smooth transition.

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Looking for an East Village piano movers? Then, look no further. Our specialists have been transporting and handling professional musical equipment for quite some time now and it's definitely one of the services that we have aimed to perfect over the years. When you need to move your piano, do not hesitate to get in touch with us. Most units in East Village frequently involve stairways, corners, and corridors. We have a team composed of experts who know how to navigate through such areas.

Your East Village, NY Guide

Looking for a neighborhood to explore in Manhattan? East Village is a great place. The place is known for its diverse community, artistic vibe, and its energetic nightlife. First order of business, where to eat. Since it has a diverse community, food is also varied. If you like Asian fusion restaurants, David Chang's Momofuku Noodle Bar will not disappoint. Another great restaurant to try is the Filipino restaurant Maharlika where they serve Filipino specialties like balut (fertilized duck egg) and sisig (sizzling pig parts). Now, if you are into the arts, they also have a few museums that your eyes can feast on. Museum of the American Gangster will give you an idea of how the East Village was in the 1920s. This museum exhibits photographs and illustrations of the many famous gangsters of the 20th century – a definite twist from the usual museums that you may have visited. Another museum that you can add to your places to visit is the Ukrainian Museum. The site features one of the most extensive collections of Ukrainian art in the US. If you’re lucky, you might be able to chance upon a concert or film screening that the museum usually organizes for its patrons. East Village is also home to a few notable Hollywood actors and actresses. You will never know, but you might bump into Rachel Weisz and her husband Daniel Craig while doing your shopping. Other personalities that you might hit into would be Madonna (when she’s in town), Harry Potter’s Daniel Radcliffe, singer-songwriter Regina Spektor and more. We assure that you will never get tired of exploring the East Village. The city has excellent food, great parks and significant places that you can explore and discover. In case you get to visit East Village, make sure to spread the word about how exciting it is to be in our city.