Is it necessary to call movers ahead of time?

This is one of the most common questions about migrating. It's difficult to plan because you don't always know when you'll be moving. However, you should contact movers at least a month ahead of time. The earlier you start looking into moving firms, the more time you'll have to investigate them and schedule your move for the day you choose.

When should I contact 5 Stars Movers NYC to schedule my move?

The sooner you get in touch with 5 Stars Movers NYC, the better. We can meet your pick-up and delivery schedule with a longer lead time.

Is it possible to obtain a free on-site estimate?

Yes, if you request it, a relocation professional will come to your location and answer all of your relocation questions. In addition, you will be given a written and binding estimate outlining all services and expenses.

What is a flat fee charge, exactly?

A flat fee guarantee in writing guarantees the total cost of the move; this will be based on the services you require when the estimate is supplied. Additional fees will apply if you need or request other services, either at the origin or the new location (such as another packing, adding items, etc.).

Is it possible to differentiate between volume, weight, and hourly estimates?

Long-distance moves are often charged by volume or weight, whereas local moves are typically charged by the hour. You can chat with a relocation consultant about how the action will be carried out when you call.

Which of these products do I have to pack myself?

When we talk about packing, we mean loose and tiny items, not furniture. The amount of time, money and energy you have available will entirely influence the amount of filling you do. You can have us handle the entire packing procedure or just a portion of it.

Alternatively, you can pack everything yourself. Most customers prefer that movers handle the entire packing procedure so that they may concentrate on other parts of the move.

What precautions will the movers take to safeguard my furniture?

We are very concerned about how we protect your furniture. We'll wrap everything completely and utilize heavy-duty pads to do so. Before being crated in wood, all sensitive marble and glass surfaces will be covered in cardboard. You must notify us of any products that require additional care and packing, and we will guarantee that they are correctly handled.

What kind of information should the moving company supply?

The moving company should supply you with the necessary information. First and foremost, the movers should answer all of your moving-related questions, and the truly professional ones will go above and beyond to provide personalized moving advice. Following that, they must provide you with a final estimate and confirmation of your moving day and time upon booking.

Don't hesitate to contact our specialists if you have any more questions. Tell them about your exact requirements, and they will supply appropriate answers. For additional information, contact 5 Stars Movers NYC at 212-372-7489 or 347-758-6794



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