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Why Rent a New York City Storage Unit?

Having a self-storage unit has become very popular amongst New Yorkers. Different storage unit leasings intend to make your move from one place to another less complicated. There are a number of reasons for utilizing self-storage units. Here are the leading reasons why people are much more often using storage units in NYC:


Making use of secure self-storage becomes prevalent as soon as people retire from their careers. They may want to move to a smaller home, especially after their children move out, due to college or careers or marriage. However, they may not be that comfortable giving away with their excess furniture or goods mainly because those have a sentimental value. In such situations, they might desire self-storage units.


It is unfortunate but true that the rate of divorce has escalated over the past few years. When a couple makes a decision to go separate ways, they might not require as much space as they needed to have when they were together. Consequently, they might move to a smaller space and need self-storage units to help keep their possessions and heirlooms that can no longer be fitted in the limited space.

Need More Space

Space restriction is yet another reason that many people are opting for self-storage units in New York City. The cost of living spaces has become so high that people are often unable to afford a bigger living area. Instead, they are opting for smaller homes. Because of this, self-storage units are used to store extra furniture and valuables that they had and prefer not to throw away.

Business Use

In the recent years, business utilization of self storage units has increased significantly. You will find a number of business houses opting for storage unit rentals in New York City to store furniture, files, computers, printers and other peripherals that they don't need at present.

Moving Home

Shifting your living space is another such condition that may call for self-storage units. At times, you may have to leave your present home due to some particular reasons while the new living space is not yet in a position to move in. Many may start living with friends, family or in a temporary living space during such situations. However, carrying all your furniture into a temporary living space is impossible. Therefore, getting hold of a secure self-storage to keep all your furniture and belongings is the best possible present.

Storage Unit Size

When determining how much a storage unit will cost, the most important storage unit price consideration will be size. The next most important factor will the marketplace where your facility is located. Urban storage units, for example, are much more expensive than those in a small town. The average 10 × 20 storage unit comes in at around $100 a month. Smaller units can go down as low as $40 while larger ones can cost upward of $200 a month. Check the table below for a breakdown of prices for popular sizes in various markets.

Moving and Storage NYC With 5 Stars Movers

Remember that no two storage facilities are alike, even within the same company. There are vast differences between facilities in security measures, cleanliness, temperature control, customer service, and availability of moving trucks and packing materials. Keeping these issues in the forefront of your mind will greatly help you choose the right storage facility.

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