Moving is a stressful process, especially when there is a lot of heavy furniture. The boxes that you use for your move should be no more than 50 pounds, and anything more may require you to physically lift them. Depending on the size and material of your box, this might mean you have to remove items and put them in another box. Also, heavy boxes are harder to move, so you will need to hire a Moving Company to help you move them. Lighter boxes can be carried by one person.

Measuring Heavy Furniture Before Moving

When moving heavy items, you will need to know the dimensions. Take measurements of walls, windows, and doors. Then, you’ll know how many items you have to move. Make sure you measure sectional sofas and other large furniture, as well as how wide the hallways are. If you need extra help, you can always ask friends or family to help you move heavy things. Depending on the size of the boxes, you might be able to pack them yourself.

How Do You Move Big Heavy Objects?

If you don’t feel comfortable lifting the boxes, you can do it yourself. But there are some items that you should avoid. For example, a piano is too big for a person to carry, and you should hire movers if you can’t lift it yourself. You should also avoid heavy furniture, especially big closets and tables, as these require special equipment to move. Remember that you should drain oil from your heating and air conditioning systems before moving them. If you’re moving yourself, don’t load all your heavy items into a moving truck. A car or box can hold all the things that you don’t want to move.