How to Get Rid of an Old Mattress?

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Are your mattresses becoming uncomfortable and lumpy? On average, mattresses last approximately ten years. If they can no longer support you properly during sleep, it could indicate poor quality sleep for you.

Before you send your mattress off to its final resting place, there are a few things to consider. Read our tips to discover how best to dispose of an old mattress.

How to Throw Away a Mattress?

Are you in the market for a new mattress? Local retailers can take away your old mattress and provide support with recycling programs. California law requires them to offer this service; however, this support may not be available if you purchase online. For more details, check with them directly.

Discover if recycling is available.

Some communities are encouraging mattress recycling. California, Connecticut, Rhode Island, and Rhode Island all provide free drop-off at Bye Bye Mattress Recycling Facilities and Collection Sites. You may also find independent recyclers in your area that accept donated mattresses – these can be recycled up to 80%! GoShare is an online hauling service that can help transport your mattress to these facilities; GoShare connects you with local truck or cargo van owners who will come within an hour and remove the mattress for you.

Local Trash Pickup

Mattresses are not usually included in curbside pickups. Before putting a mattress out on the curb, contact your contracted waste management company; some offer once-a-month heavy trash days that may allow large items out on the street. Wrap the mattress in plastic before throwing it away – sanitation regulations often require this step before disposal. You can purchase mattress disposal bags from most moving and home improvement stores as well as online (such as Amazon for an affordable price).

Dump or Landfill

If there are no recycling facilities nearby or you don't have the option to pick up your mattress yourself, transporting it to a landfill might be necessary. You will likely be charged an amount between $20-$45 for dropping off items at these facilities; however, GoShare can assist with junk hauling as they will pick up your item from you and attach a receipt to your final bill.

Sell Online

You can sell your mattress online if it is in good condition. These sites are regularly visited by local buyers searching for great deals on second-hand items, so if your mattress is clean and reasonably priced, finding a buyer who will accept your offer should be easy.

Donate to a local charity.

Donating a mattress to charity can make an enormous impact on your community. Your mattress must be in perfect condition and free from tears, rips, and stains. Some organizations, such as Salvation Army or Goodwill, will not accept donations of mattresses due to hygiene reasons; others require specific sizes or have foundations/frames. To find out more information about your local charity before donating your item, we suggest reaching out before you donate anything.

Common Mistakes in Mattress Disposal

Mattress disposal can be a tricky business. Here are some common errors to avoid when disposing of your old mattress:

These common errors can be avoided with these helpful tips.

Never illegally discard your mattress.

Never illegally dispose of your mattress in the street, alleyway, or dumpster. Not only is this an eyesore, but also illegal. Illegally dumped mattresses may become breeding grounds for rodents and pests alike. Penalties for illegal dumping can include vehicle seizure and fines of up to $10,000.

Please do not attach a mattress to the top of your car.

Attaching a mattress to the roof of your car can be dangerous and challenging. Never attempt it using rope or open windows; these methods could break window frames, cause damage, and warp the glass. If your vehicle has either a roof rack or truck, ensure the mattress is securely fastened with ratcheting straps. When tying down your mattress, avoid highways and take back roads instead; high-speed crashes could result in serious injuries or death if not properly secured. If in doubt, GoShare professionals are available who will help dispose of your mattress responsibly and securely.





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