A Guide to Moving Your Gun Safe

When you're moving, it's not just your furniture that needs to be handled carefully. Your prized possessions like a gun safe can cause serious harm if they are mishandled. It's essential to consider that a gun safe is different from your regular household appliances when you are moving. Here are some tips that will help you prevent any accidents:

Planning our move as early as possible will give us more time to organize everything and make sure that nothing gets overlooked. Don't put off thinking about your gun safe until the day of the move. When it comes to making your gun safe move more organized, the first step is to remove everything currently. If you have multiple guns, store these temporarily in boxes outside of the gun safe for now and label them, so they're easy to identify later.

Planning to have your moving company park in the right spot is essential. When they do, it will be easier for them and you. Ask to use a ramp to not go through too much yard work during loading and unloading. Having the back faced toward where people are coming from means less chance of having someone accidentally drive over something and make mistakes when maneuvering into place on loading day.

Make sure that your movers park rear-facing outwards while still allowing space for cars to get around them. This way, pedestrians won't walk across any potential hazards like ramps or dollies without being aware.

Movers typically have a tough time moving large safes. If you've got one to move, be sure that the movers can get access when they need it, free of any obstructions, so as not to damage your safe or cause injury. Be prepared by providing them worker gloves if they don't have any and asking how many people will work on this project to help them do an efficient job.

If your gun safe needs to be moved near any furniture or walls, cover them with protective materials ahead of time. It's the little details that make a difference! In addition, the path should be clear with extra space in case you speculate the movers can't get through specific access points of your house.

If you've decided not to hire movers, a gun safe is heavy, so the best option you've got right now to lift it would be with a plank and some help. But if there are no easy ways of getting something like that, then use more people or have someone else come over who's strong enough to do this for an extra fee.

It is crucial to know the dimensions of your safe before moving into your new place. It's better if this has already been determined during pre-planning so that when it comes time for move day, everything can go smoothly. No extra and unnecessary lifting and moving of the safe around is added to the day's already heavy workload.

You've finally got your gun cabinet in the perfect spot. It's time to finish it off with a few simple steps: you'll want to lock bolts so that no one can take it away from its place and create more chaos, or worse- steal ammunition! For this process, there are two options available for purchase: floor locks and wall fasteners. It would be best to invest in both of these durable products; they're inexpensive yet necessary investments to protect your firearms against theft when not being used as well as any other valuables inside.


Joseph Raphael

Joseph Raphael

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